Breast Cancer Survivors Inspiring Others With Hope and Connection


Truly Grateful

"Since meeting my amazing Pink Ribbon Mentor, she has continued to support me throughout my journey and has been a source of inspiration to me. I feel truly grateful that this program brought her and this kind of support to me!" 

Weekly Support

"The support continues as women are offered the wonderful opportunity to participate and share in a weekly support group. It feels comforting to know that the Pink Ribbon Mentor Program continues their work to support women like me throughout their journeys. Being open to receiving what the program has to offer, has made a difference in my life and I thank the volunteers for their dedication and hard work!"


Lillian, 46 years old


'I began working weekly with my mentor in May of 2019.  This program has been a lifeline for me in so many ways.  My mentor can relate through her personal experience as a cancer patient and provides an outlet for all those difficult discussions that are impossible to have with friends and family.  Sometimes you can gain a new perspective when you have the opportunity to just say those hard things out loud.  I am truly grateful to participate in this program.' 

Cathy, 62 years old


'Shortly after I awoke from surgery in 2018  with two fewer breasts, I was lovingly equipped with an underarm pillow, bulb apron and valuable insight about what the future held. Rather than leave that 53 year old deflated and fearful, my PRM mentor empowered  positivity  and modeled how I would go on to support other survivors in their journey.'


Jennifer, 53 years old


'The Pink Ribbon mentorship program is truly amazing. My mentor provided me with support, knowledge and strength and empowered me to tackle my cancer treatment with a positive outlook. The fact that my mentor had been through a similar experience meant that she understood everything I was going through and was able to provide relevant and personal advice and guidance. I am truly grateful for the program and my mentor for being there for me through it all.'



Emotional Support

'Having a Pink Ribbon mentor has been not only a source for advice but an emotional support for me. Knowing that someone made it to the other side gave me the strength to believe that I could do it too. Even now a month away to my reconstruction surgery I know she is a text or phone call away.'


Ildze, 46 years old