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Our mission is to promote breast cancer awareness and education, and to provide support to individuals on their breast cancer journey.

Find Support
Join The Journey has many ways to find support on your breast cancer journey

Making Waves Dragon Boating

Dragon boating started in the summer of 2005 by Margie Loprinzi, Dr. Lynn Hartman, and Romaine Thompson. The purpose of Dragon boating is to encourage exercise and the health benefits of for preventing and treating lymphedema based on information presented after an invited speaker at Mayo spoke about the benefits for preventing and treating lymphedema. 

For more information, contact Making Waves.

Making Waves is in the boat.

Helping each other stay afloat.

We're having fun and you know what?

We're kicking cancer in the butt!

Making Waves is paddling on.

Staying fit and staying strong.

We don't let cancer hold us back.

We're living our lives right to the max!

Find it!

Treat it!


Find it ! Treat it! Let's all BEAT IT!

The Breast Cancer Support Group has been in existence since the 1980's.  We provide support and encouragement for breast cancer survivors, whether the survivor was diagnosed the day before or years ago. Led by two breast cancer survivors, it is a welcoming environment to talk about concerns and to celebrate victories and successes.

In-person meetings at 125 Live

1st and 3rd Monday 9:00am-10:30am

125 Elton Hills Dr. NW, Rochester

For more information, please contact one of these hosts:

Sue Whitcomb
Cyndie Kahn

Find Support


For questions or comments about

Join the Journey or how you can help:,

Office Number -  507-206-3212


"Since meeting my amazing Pink Ribbon Volunteer, she has continued to support me throughout my journey and has been a source of inspiration to me. I feel truly grateful that this program brought her and this kind of support to me!" 

Breast Cancer Survivor

"It’s unbelievable how meeting a woman at the doctor’s office, who has been through what you’re going through, can really make you feel not alone and supported in your journey."

Breast Cancer Survivor

"After my first surgery, the Pink Ribbon Volunteers came by the hospital to drop me off a pillow and a care  package. What a comfort! I treasured that."

Breast Cancer Survivor

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